Theme x on live/prod site, and on staging site

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I have theme X on my live site, but I am also creating a staging environment where I will make my actual web changes and then deploy the changes to the live site.

Of course, the staging site needs to be a replica of the live site, so when I make my changes on staging, I can deploy to live without issues.

On the staging environment, I have copied all the files and downloaded theme X from themeforest (same as on live site). I also used the same validation code, but it says I cannot because it’s already in use.

My question is, do I really need to purchase a new Theme X just for my staging environment? Nobody is going to see the staging environment, it will only be used for development and changes, before then deploying to live? It seems highly unnecessary to purchase a new theme x just for staging? Is there a way I can use the same theme x license on my live site and for the staging environment?

Currently, on my staging environment, none of the plugins etc have been copied over from the live site due to the validation issue.

Please advise.

Many thanks.

Hi There,

You don’t have to buy another license for the staging site.

You just need to go to the license manage page:

Then insert the staging URL:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


I just purchased X through Envato. I’m pretty confused about any connection there might be between Apex,, ThemeForest and Envato. However, their knowledge base insists that two licenses are required for the scenario described in this thread so I’d rather have this of course. Should I return my license through Envato and purchase through for this luxury? If so, Does the X Theme include Slider Revolution and Cornerstone when purchased from

Hi there,

Let me explain the in details so it will help you decide on your next step.

We have a theme called X which can be purchased exclusively from Themeforest. You can not purchase X from Themeco. After you purchase the X from Themeforest you need to Validate the license with Themeco. Apex is the themeco forum name so you can forget about it at this point.

To validate the purchased X theme from Themeforest you need to access your licenses page in Themeco and follow the steps below:

As my colleague said in the process of validation you have a chance to add 2 URLs for each purchase key. One for production and the other one for the staging. That will help you to have 1 license and use it for both staging and production.

The Validation process is not related where you purchased the X theme.

Now we have another product called Pro which includes the most of X functionality (Except the Demo Import) and also has Header/Footer Builder.

That product is sold exclusively on Themeco. And the validation process for it is the same.

If you are interested in Pro and you already purchased X you can convert it to Pro by paying the difference. Read this article for more information about X to Pro conversion:

Thank you.

Thanks so much for clearing all that up. I believe I have a handle on the process now.

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You’re welcome.

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