Text (title + description) first and then photo in portfolio item layout

Hi, I’m using your Design Cloud Crafty theme. On the page of the single portfolio item there is a photo and below the text with the title and description. Is it possible to reverse the order of these 2 elements? So getting the text (title + description) first and then the photo?
Thanks in advance for your time

Hi Giuseppe,

Thank you for writing in, yes that is possible since you’re using PRO. You need to create a custom Layout for your Portfolio Item.

Layout Builder Overview

To assign your Layout on the Portfolio items, please use this condition.

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Ok Friech thanks, I did what you told me and I can correctly see the dynamic content of the text (title + descripton) of the portfolio item. But I can only change the style of the HEADLINE (portfolio title) element, I can’t change the style of the THE CONTENT (portfolio description) element. What can I do?

Also I have inserted a CLASSIC SLIDER element below to show single portfolio images but it is empty there is no image inside it.
I followed your video tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH4m5JpwLzg&ab_channel=PlugCode to attach images to a Portfolio Item but it works only if I don’t connect my template created with the layout builder.
How do I get a slider with the photos of the single portfolio item if I use a custom template created with layout builder?

Hi Giuseppe,

Yes, the “The Content” element has no styling controls, it only inherits the general styling of the site which you can configure under Theme Options > Typography > Body Content

I tried to create a workaround on that Media Gallery Slider/Classic Slider, but unfortunately, it is not possible at this stage. What you can only do is make the Gallery Slider/Classic Slider part of the content.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Friech,

what do you mean by “What you can only do is make the Gallery Slider/Classic Slider part of the content” ?

Thank you for your time

Hi Giuseppe,

My colleague has suggested you to add the Gallery or Slider as the Content of the portfolio item, so it can be shown using The Content element.

Hope it helps.