Text size in X-Pro vers. 6.x.x

I assume there are no settings for me to address this issue, but the text in the Cornerstone admin has become unreadable. Note in the attached screen capture, that the fine copy on the left panel is out of focus and very difficult to read. On screens I am less familiar with, I cannot make out some words at all.

The panel on the left in the capture is vers 6.x.x and the panel on the right is vers 5.x.x. Has anyone else brought this to your attention; or, have you noticed this in the work you do?

Hi @mcaravaglia,

Thanks for reaching out.
It might a problem with the Browser Cache or the Font Settings of your Browser. I would suggest you check the Browser font and the size and let us know if that helps. I would also suggest you go through the following article, which might help you with this.

NOTE: I would request you check the same in different browser and different computer.


Thank you. Perhaps I will enlarge the fonts in my browser. However, in the same browser and same computer, there is a noticeable difference in the clarity of the text in the Cornerstone admin panels between vers. 5 and vers. 6. It is something you may want to confirm for yourselves. It is quite noticeable.

Hey @mcaravaglia, the fonts in the Cornerstone UI have been changed since the latest release. I also brought up the thinner blurrier fonts during the beta period and this is what one of the developers told me:

Yes, I reduced the font stack to be more simple and ensure that fonts in the stack were more commonly expected by users and had all of the appropriate weights we use. We utilize 500 weights sometimes in parts of the tool, so that means not all font-family declarations will work.

If you’re on a Mac, we default to system fonts to be as neutral as possible. Otherwise, we fall back to “Roboto,” which is usually cached / found on most people’s devices since it’s so heavily used by Google, and beyond that it’s “Helvetica Neue” and then a generic sans-serif declaration.



Hey guys,

You could customize the font-size of the Cornerstone UI. A good example is on this thread.

Hope that helps.

So, do I understand this will be fixed in the next release? I am on Windows and the font is Helvetica-Nue, 10px.

Hey @mcaravaglia,

You can adjust the text of the Cornerstone dashboard but you need to how to inspect elements to adjust the text on your end.

See the example below.

On the other hand, I’ll raise your issue on our tracker so that it will be taken into action in the future.

Thank you for understanding.

This worked perfectly, thank you.

You’re welcome.

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