Templates not sticking

Hi, on this page I have set the columns to be 100% in the smallest screen size but that is not showing on a phone. Please help

Hello @lisacole1,

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thank you, I really cannot see what I’m doing wrong

Hi @lisacole1,

I have checked it in my Android mobile device but didn’t find the issue you described in your screenshot.

I would suggest you check once by clearing type cache including the Style Cache from Cornerstone > Settings > System > Clear Style Cache and check in the incognito/private mode of the browser.

Hope it helps.

I have cleared the cache
That first section should be 100% with the graph icon taking up full width and the text “Success stories etc…” taking up 100% below that. You can see on my screenshot that I set the template to be 100% on smaller screen sizes.
It should look like this

Hello @lisacole1,

Thanks for sharing the login details, I went ahead checked your page it seems that it was an issue with broken HTML. I would suggest go to Section 5---->Column 2—>Text—>Background. You have not set the color properly, you have not added the closing [")"]bracket. Please have a look at the given screenshot in the secure note.


you total genius! thank you so much! I would not have thought to check that far down. I really appreciate your help, have a lovely weekend

Hello @lisacole1,

Glad that we were able to help you. Please feel free to open a new thread if you have any more concerns.


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