Still Can't Assign Page Headers

Hi there.

This thread is following the other 2 threads I’ve opened that were automatically closed due to time.

It’s been more than a month. Posted in Jan. I wanted to see how the update was going?

To recap, I can’t assign headers to pages using X Pro as apparently I have too much content?

Can someone check the status of when this will be worked on? This really hurts the functionality and purpose of the site for me and my users.

And apparently it seems I’m not the only one?

I know your team is restricted and probably bogged down with requests. At this point, I’m just wondering on the queue. I had been informed it would be fixed earlier on when X Pro v2 came out, but it didn’t.



Hi there,

Thank you for your message. I checked our issue tracker and the enhancement request is still open. We can not give any timeframe regarding this, unfortunately.

I checked the other threads and I do not see one case that might be something you try. Please try to Increase the PHP Memory limit to 1024M for your case as you have too many pages and products.

See if it helps.

Finally, at the moment I suggest that you do the assignment manually using the method below:

If you want to find a specific page or post ID as you may need in the tutorial above please read the article below:

Thank you.

Yes, I currently use that link to get by. But giving the state of things, it is not suitable for growth, and is inconvenient as some navigation of the editor doesn’t work.

As for your suggestion on memory, that doesn’t work either.

But, I understand there will be a wait. I’ll try and get by until then. Hopefully, it’ll be fixed before version 3?

Hi There,

I have tried to login to your site using the credentials in your other thread, but it seems to have changed (see secure note).

Even though you have mentioned that you have increased memory limit, if you have done it by adding a code to your wp-config.php file, it may not be increased if your hosting provider is restricted it. You can confirm your server configurations by installing the following plugin (

Yes, our developers are working on fixing the bugs and improving the product. You can check our changelog whenever we release an update to understand it better (


Yes, it’s been changed.

I will follow along the changelog, but the reason why I make threads is because it’s not on the list of things to do on the forum.

So, it’s kind of hard to gauge if the problem is even really being placed on the list to look at.


HI @JfantasyBooks,

I will also suggest/forward this thread to our content writers so that they could look on it and add in the list so that it could help others confusions also.

Thank you so much.

Thanks for doing so.

You’re welcome!

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