Square Buttons Showing as Rounded; Adjust Heading Font Sizes

My colleague is working on a new site for a client and the updated X theme is considerably different from previous versions that we’ve used.

We’ve set buttons to be flat and square in the global options area but they are still appearing as rounded in all instances.

Also we’re looking for a way to adjust the font sizes for the headings. The only thing we see in the global options is letter spacing.



Please note that the button element settings overrides the global button settings.

You may use classic button element if you would like it to pull from the global settings.


Thanks! We’ll look into that. Also how do we change heading font sizes?

Hello @fsyingc,

Thanks for updating the thread.

  1. You have the option of using headline element and in that you get the setting to change font size.

2. You can also take a look at following thread.

I also suggest you to take a look at following article that will you to explore font manager:


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