Some complaints

The new update is full of great new features - it really is, but there are also a lot of things that users have been mentioning through the years, which haven’t been corrected/updated.

I’m all for progress, but…

  1. The possibility for using a graphic element with headlines are great. But when you want to center that headline, the icon stays to the left. And why is there no possibilities for a graphic element with text element?

  2. Still no option for gradient backgrounds/buttons/text

  3. Portfolio and blog looks outdated - for several years. And very few possibilities to change it. Why not the option to make it look like normal pages?

  4. The ability to have two separat column backgrounds that goes full width, but with the content staying boxed/global container - or the ability to have one of the columns going full width and another staying boxed.

  5. Some more inspirational separators

Hi @Kobber,

We value the feedback of our beloved customer and do our best to make them a reality as much as it is possible.

  • The headline element centering feature is part of the text control group. The Graphic has completely other implementation and should not act as the text. The point that you asked for needs a complete rethinking of the implementation which already is there and used for many other elements. That change in question will break the previous versions and not possible to do so for the sake of compatibility. If you give us the URL of a case scenario we will gladly give you a code snippet that you can use as an Element CSS for the feature in question.
  • The text element is only for text and will not have a graphic feature as it is not intended to have one. Instead, you can use the Icon element next to a text element to achieve the same effect.
  • Gradient background is a complicated process that might have more than two set points and it complicates the whole process and we do not have many requests. Instead, I suggest that you create the gradient feature using this tool and paste the final code inside the Element CSS. Again, we can help you with this and if you give us the case scenario and URL with the code generated by the tool I mentioned we will give you the proper snippet that you can add.
  • I am not sure about the outdated look you have mentioned on the Portfolio or blogs. You can surely use Cornerstone or Pro Editor to create blog posts. You just need to go to X/Pro > Settings > Permissions and enable it for posts:

If you meant another feature by saying using them as pages, kindly elaborate and if it is feasible we will add it as a feature request.

  • The new Row/Column system has the ability to set the gap between the columns manually and you can use that. Here is how to do so. Correct me if I misunderstood what you mean.
  • Would you please give some samples of what you call inspirational separators? That will help me understand what you mean, and if it is feasible we will add them as a feature request for sure.

Thank you.

Hej Christopher,

Sorry for the late answer.

About portfolio and blog. Yes I know I can use Cornerstone/Pro and have been doing that for a long time. But why does the design of a portfolio or blog item have to be boxed? It would be nice to have the possibility to have full width, adjust the headline etc. Just like a normal page.

About the design I tried to explain, I’ve made a mockup instead. A split design (2 columns) where you could choose to have one column to stay in boxed layout, and the other to go to the edge of the screen.

About the inspirational separators - well like Divi and many other themes.

Thank you

Hi Kobber,

You can do that by setting the Row’s Inner Container option to Off

And applying a max-width to the column containing the text, and setting its one side margin to auto (e.g. if the column is on the left then it should have a margin-left: auto )

You can follow the same method provided here for creating a custom post template using a Global Block.

Hope it helps,

Well that’s just great! You should make more explaining videos :-D.

It seems to work perfekt, but I can’t find any options for column margins?

Hey @Kobber,

Sorry for the confusion. The Column element, both the V2 and the new one does not have margin options.

With the new column though, the layout that you need is possible without custom coding.

You can watch the setup in the video below (increase the volume).


That’s so perfect. Thank you very much!

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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