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Hi there,

I need to setup a multilingual site (2 or 3 languages) and would really like to use the PRO theme. Is there any suggestion, what multilanguage-plugin to use with PRO?

Are there still problems with WPML as decribed here:

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Hi Uli,

Thanks for writing in! It’s an old thread on 2017 that you’re referring. As to WPML compatibility with latest X theme and Pro (, we recommend to use the following versions.

  • WPML Multilingual CMS - 4.0.6
  • WPML String Translation - 2.8.6
  • WPML Translation Management - 2.6.7

Hope that helps.

So will I have to stay on the 4.0.6 version of WPML or will there be a possibility to use the current versions in future? I don’t want to implement a solution without the possibility of installing all security patches and feature-updates.

If I will not be able to use a current WPML-version in future, do you provide or recommend any other plugin to use your theme on a multilanguage site?

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Hi Uli,

We have reported all the possible issues on current versions. It will take some time for our developers look into those and to make sure that X/Pro themes are compatible with latest versions.

Thanks for understanding!

Hi Mldarshana,

does this mean:
YES, you can use WPML, we will make PRO compatible with the actual and future versions?

or does this mean:
NO, we don’t konw, if we will be able to get PRO running with the actual and future versions of PRO, so PRO is probably not the best choice for al multilingual site?

Sorry for beeing that clear, but I didn’t start the project yet, so I still can chose, how to realize it. If I start the project with PRO / WPML and than have to change everything a few month after, because things don’t fit together, I will have to spend a lot of extra time no one will pay.

So it’s quite important for me, to know if I can rely on the multilingual capacities of PRO or not.

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Hi Uli,

Yes, it will always be updated for the integrated plugin to make sure they are compatible. But it’s not always immediate depending on the complexity of the issues. And many of it are already fixed from the date that post was provided. But that’s between Pro and WPML and nothing to do with Multi-site setup.

But regardless, WPML and Pro should work with Multi-setup, the only downside is you have to manually update Pro. And it also depends on the setup that you’re trying to achieve with WPML. May I know what you’re trying to achieve? Is it having multiple languages for each sub-site or is it different but the single language for each subsite?

The capability of Pro for translation is just the same as how other theme and plugins are translated. It follows Wordpress standard The only special part with Pro and WPML is it’s integrated within the builder and that should alone is working with a single site and multi-site.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Rad,
that makes me feeling better, I don’t to use the latest update immediately, as long as I know, it will be running in future.

I did not talk about a multisite setup, that’s not planned.

I want to have a single site, where most of the pages and the menus are translated.

Is there a way to get also footers and headers translated?

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Hi Uli,

To translate the Headers, Footers. Please follow this article:

The POT file is locates under pro/framework/lang/pro.pot

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Great, I’ll test this out next week …

Thank you for your help!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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