Slider using ACF Pro

Please see the slider at the bottom of this page within a Global Block:

I am trying to create this dynamically, using ACF Pro:

Please can you advice the best way to achieve this, each magazine cover needs to link in a new window to the respective .pdf

Thanks for your help…

Hello @wolfproductions,

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Please watch out for this tutorials instead:

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Thanks Ruenel, I have watched these before, would appreciate an exact explanation of how to achieve my specific objective though please, thanks

Hey @wolfproductions,

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Hi Marc, please find secure details attached

Hey @wolfproductions,

I’d recommend you watch the video tutorials presented by Runel again because the setup is similar to the ACF Pro Gallery tutorial.

I’ll just provide the general setup because it would take a lot of time to list down all the exact steps which are redundant because they’re similar to our tutorials.

  1. Set your Slider Container as the Looper Provider. I will not detail the Looper Provider setup anymore because the usage is already discussed in our tutorial videos.
  2. Set the first Slide as the Looper Consumer and delete the rest of the slides. Again, I will not detail the Looper Consumer and Dynamic Content setup because it’s already shown in our tutorial videos provided by Runel.
  3. Set the Dynamic Content of the Image element. This also is shown in our tutorials.

Please watch the tutorials again because that’s the best way to learn Pro.


Okay, I think I have done all of that, but it’s not pulling through the images from ACF, please could you have a look, thanks

Hey @wolfproductions,

You’re using this DC {{dc:post:meta post="1824" key="magazine_cover"}}. The post doesn’t exist. It’s the ID of the ACF field group. You need to use the ID of the post.

You also set the Image element as a consumer. That is not necessary and might even cause issue down the line.


Hope that helps.

Okay thanks, I think I have also now set the URL correctly for downloading the .pdf:
{{dc:post:meta post=“1554” key=“file_url”}}

why is only one image showing please?

Thanks again