Slider Revolution Vimeo Bad Quality


When I load my website, the quality of the slider revolution is really bad. After I reload the side, it goes back up to 720p. It changed today. Before, it would be 720p every time I would load my website.

My vimeo is:

My website is:

Can you tell me why the quality has dropped now when loading the website the first time? Because it really matters to me that the quality is top when prospects lands on my website. They’re not going to reload the side.

Thanks in advance.

@ruenel you think you know this one? Thanks in advance!

Hello Oscar,

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Hello Ruenel,
There’s no “secure note” option for me.


Oh I can see that there are secure notes on my own posts only

Hello Oscar,

Your Vimeo video settings are correct.

Be advised that Vimeo and the plugin load the video by buffering first which may not have any control over this. There are other factors that affect the loading of the video too like the connection between the site and the Vimeo platform and the connection of your site user.

Hope this makes sense.

So there’s nothing I can do?

Hey Oscar,

You can try video optimization techniques to keep the video quality better and load it faster, here’s a good article that you can follow for the better results

Hope this helps!

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