Slider Revolution having Glitches

I have a website built with a lot of slider revolution image slideshows. It worked great originally but have noticed it not working correctly recently. I have the plugin up to date as far as what comes with the theme, I have cleared my entire website cache and cleared my browser cache.

For example on the web page the first three slides are shown than the slideshow goes to the background color and the next image never comes in most of the time. We I clicked the link off this post it then worked 5 times before going to the background color and the arrow button was then inoperative.

If the arrows are clicked I see a couple bubble icons that show when its loading and they go away with the background color only shown. Every slideshow on the website is working like this or very similar like the images never loading. What could be causing these issues? Thank you

Hello Bryce,

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Will do, thank you!

Hello Bryce

Thanks for sharing your credentials. I went ahead and checked the slider of this page I found that slider background image was not set properly and I clear the cache as well. I recommend you to clear your browser cache and then check it again.


Thank you very much , I see how this issue has resolved. Can you let me know what was setup wrong to be sure I do correctly this correctly in the future. I have noticed one setting disappearing with an update by slider revolution. For example, all slideshows except for one I made manual but noticed months later that this setting reverted back to an earlier setting.

Thank you again for you assistance!

Hello Bryce,

I found that there were two slides where sider image was not set. It was showing a placeholder image so I reset the image again from the media. That is the only issue I found there in the Revolution slider rest of the slider setting was fine. I also clear the cache as well.


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Thank you for the info. Thats disturbing to know that can happen from an update from slider revolution. These slides were set and working perfectly in the past. I see after a google search page people having content broken after slider revolution is updated.

Thanks again for your assistance, if there anything you recommend to monitor code updates to be sure content isn’t negatively effected when managing a lot of websites?

Hey Bryce,

You are most welcome. If you need to monitor updates, the built-in Auto Updates in WordPress is a good one. With the latest events, you can even now set that it will update the plugins automatically.

Best Regards.

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