Site Jumps to Middle of Homepage Upon Load with 6.4.2 Update

I updated my staging site to Pro 6.4.2, and the homepage now jumps to the middle of the page upon load. This behavior is new with the theme update. There are no new plugins on the site. I cleared both the site cache and the Cornerstone system cache after updating. The behavior occurs whenever accessing the homepage.

I’ll send the website info via a secure note

Hey Dylan,

I see the issue. However, I could not replcate this in any of my test sites and even in your other pages. With that said, please test switching to the parent theme and deactivate all 3rd party plugins just to ensure there is no new conflict with them.

If the issue persists using the parent theme and with all 3rd party plugins deactivated, please provide access to your site so we can copy your home page to our test site to investigate if there’s an element causing this issue. Provide the following in a Secure Note

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.


I’m having the same problem… My main page is loading towards the bottom all of the sudden.

Ok weird… mine randomly stopped doing it :man_shrugging:

Hey @arstyling,

We’re glad that it is now working properly on your end. Maybe its just a cache issue.

@dzsigray, please provide your credentials so that we can check and investigate your website.

Thank you.

Sure, @marc_a! I’ll drop them in a secure note. I just checked my staging site after clearing the cache. The behavior still exists.

@marc_a @christian – I also deactivated switched to the parent theme and deactivated all plugins. After clearing the cache, the behavior still exists.

Mine is again loading and jumping way down towards the bottom of the homepage…?

Ok I figured out my problem, it was a caching issue on the device I was using… fixed.

Hey @marc_a and @christian – I updated the staging site to 6.4.3, and the behavior still exists. However, I traced it to the “Tabs” element on the homepage. When I delete that element from the page, the problem disappears. This is the only page on the website with the tabs element.