Simple image slideshow, no plugin

hey there, I saw an simple image slideshow in the header of
Is there a way I can achieve the same look without the need of an extra plugin?
thanks fro your help

Hi @ZerotoOneaerial,

Thanks for writing in.

I believe that it can be done however it is quite a customization and it is beyond the scope of our support. It would be best that you will contact a developer on how to create it.

Upon checking the header, not sure if the developer used a plugin but I am sure to make it changing from other image, it uses script to add active to the class of the flex grid header slider.

I would suggest that you will plugin for it like the plugin integrated with X theme.

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


okay I build a slider myself :slight_smile:
only thing is that I’d like to change the transition between the images to transition: all 1s ease;
like in the the example I posted
thanks for your help I really appreciate it :smile:

Hi There,

I’m sorry but custom development would be outside the scope of our support. However you may check the following resources to get more information.


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