Showing all Pages in certain category

Hi there Theme Pro users.

Is it possible to show all pages (or posts) from a specific ‘category’ that i have created?

Also wonder if its possible to show it like a text, or as galary.

I hope you guys can help me out.

Hello @SoZeker,

Thanks for writing to us.

You can display the posts by category, for that you need to use Looper. In the Looper, you need to select the Looper type as “Query Builder” set the “Posts” as “Post” and “Taxonomies” as Your category name. Please have a look at the given screenshot below.

Front-Page-Content-Pro (1)

In case if you haven’t seen our Looper doc please have a look at it to learn more about how it works and how you can achieve what you are expecting.

Video tutorial

Hope it helps

how do i use loopers with pro ?

Hello @SoZeker,

Please check out the video tutorials here:

You can use Looper in X or Pro theme.

Hi There

I watched the video and try to copy the exact tutorial.

I selected a element and make it a looper provider, the other consumer.

Is this also possible with pages, with have a category?

hi there i tried to copy your help.

When i make a new : Pro > layouts > Archive type , i see that it work (the query) and see the posts in that category.
But when i want to preview the page, i dont see anything. And i see:

And they send me to " blog " page. is this correct and why i dont see anything? Hope you guys can help me out

Hi there,

I dont know what happend but it works.

But im wondering why i see in the Pro Editor, the post type’s after each other. In a new column.

And when i am preview the page, i see the post types, below each other.

Can you guys help me out how to display the post types in a different column? (3 columns i think) Thanks guys

This is how i see now :

Hello @SoZeker,

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