Show Off Your Custom 404 Page

I think the Custom 404 Extension by Themeco is great. I’ve used it on a couple of projects myself as it is really easy to setup. However, it’s one of those pages that is often overlooked, but can add some spunk and creativity to your brand. Do you have an awesome 404 page you’d like to show off or can serve as inspiration for our community?

Show off your Custom 404 page below…

A good friend (and awesome photographer) over at (using Pro) uses a baby picture of his son :slight_smile:

Would love to see some of your custom 404s Freddy! Hope you and the family are doing well!

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Hi there,

here is mine :


@GDM-Pixel, that’s hilarious!

That’s too cute. Family is doing well. Thanks for asking. Keep up the great work buddy!

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That’s too funny! Just a thought, maybe use a GIF on mobile? I visited the page on iPhone 6 and I had to press play on the video to view it.

Here is a 404 page on a recent project -

That’s great…site looks awesome as usual. It would be funny since they are an eye center if the photo had them with their eyes closed looking confused to play off the whole seeing angle.

I love when people take the time to build little flourishes like custom 404s…shows a real passion for creativity and the details!

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##Custom 404 example
With animation

Hi guys,

This is how tried to make creative use of the custom the 404 function:

Hope you like it :wink:
Really love X Theme Pro. Super easy to make beautiful page designs.

Always keep 'em laughing.


That’s awesome. And I think we can all relate.

We’ve also used a picture of a bunch of rats (“Oh, rats!”) and a picture of some mixed nuts (“Well, nuts!”). Since we’re a church, I haven’t quite felt comfortable enough to show a picture of the Hoover Dam with the appropriate words under it… But man, I wish I could.


That is the best :joy:

Here is mine although I am going to be updating it soon when I get around to it:


Here’s mine. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been involved in the web world for 15 yrs. That is the BEST 404 Page I’ve ever seen! So well-thought out, and technically executed. Bravo pour le travail merveilleux @GDM-Pixel! :wink: :smiley:

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Wow, thank you very much for that ! Very much apreciated :smiley: @Priscilla

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Little context: The website talks about crewmembers on cruise ships.

Here’s a preview of mine. Site is not live so here’s a screenshot:

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lol, cute! :slight_smile: