Show headline with graphic icon or text element only if text content is not empty (Condition?)

I use a headline element with content that is dynamically generated + a graphic icon.
How can I hide the whole headline element with its graphic if text content is empty?

Hi Daryl,

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You can add the Condition to the Headline element through the Headline > Customize > Condition and check if the Dynamic Content is not blank. Please check the given screenshot describing the condition.

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I tried it exactly that way but it won’t work with headline content generated by a special shortcode:
[prflxtrflds_field field_id=2 user_id={{dc:author:id}}]
This shortcode generates the headline text correctly, but the condition doesn’t seem to be able to interpret the string correctly.

Hello @Daryl_Shaw,

If your Headline element with the shortcode in it is inside a Looper, you can use {{dc:looper:count}} == 0 as your condition. We would also love to check your element set up. Would you mind sharing the WP details? You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
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Ok, thanks. I built a test post for you and sent you access.
It’s a workspace, feel free to do edits.

Hi Daryl,

It seems that the shortcode is not returning the blank even though it is not getting any value against it. I would suggest you check with the shortcode and return the value. As it is a 3rd Party plugin shortcode, you can check with the plugin author on the same.


Ok, thanks.

You’re welcome, Daryl.

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