Several question about X pro. and some suggestions

I can’t speak English well. please understand me^^

I have a several question and feedback about my X pro theme. i think about it for a long time. but writing here is hard for me… my english skill…ㅠ.ㅠ

1.If I save a font from font manager, can I use it in all parts of my site like post, page, layout etc?

2.I heard one of pro’s difference to X theme is color manager and font manager. What is different to just changing color and setting font in theme option in X?

3.How to change layout and design of blog post part? Almost all theme developer think about page only. But i am blogger. I don’t care about Page. I care much about design of blog post part. I want X and Pro theme can change layout of post part too. I heard Elementer pro can change layout of blog part… Should I use it?

3.1 for example, I want to erase that huge pic above title. i think it makes my blog slow. how to do it?

3.2 I want to change layout of category like this




It means… main category -> sub category 1, sub category 2 etc…
my blog show category just like this
I don’t like that

3.3 How to make menu like that? I mean… narrow -> pressing button -> wide. By ubermenu or superfly, can i make it?

3.4 Can i make sidebar like that kind of menu too? (narrow -> button -> wide)

3.5 And Is it possible to put menu on right side like sidebar? And can i put adsense in menu?

3.6 How to make that kind of guage like that site? There is a guage on header in that site. it moves when i read a post.

4.I want to make this height same like that site. How to do it?

5.I think… Cornerstone is not fit with gutenberg.

for example, this post…

wp bakery(blank ad but full post)

elementor(no ad but full post)

and cornerstone…(only ad…)

other example…

I think it is problem. Right?


6.What is difference between header and menu?

7.When someone click link in my post, i want new pop-up, not going to that site directly. how to do it?

um… i think you may think i am so stupid and noob. but i want to know about it. i can’t programming at all. please help me. and i want more option about my theme.

ahh one more… i want you guys use your blog more. I get a feed of elegant themes(divi) from feedly. They always write a post and introduce many feature of their things in their blog. It makes me think ‘ah… they always make and do something new.’ and i think it attracts many people and that is one of reasons that they are so popular. i want X and Pro is more more popular. thank you.

Hi there,

Thank you for writing in!

The Font Manager’s main advantage is that you will be able to get a font and be able to use it sitewide when you are using the Header, Footer, and Pro builder. If you are using Pro to build your posts, you should be able to use the fonts that you have set in the Font Manager to the V2 elements’ (elements with more options and do not contain Classic on their name) font settings.

If you are not seeing the Font Settings options for the V2 elements, kindly double check your Advanced Mode option setting and make sure it’s enabled.

Here is an article in our Knowledge Base that contains more details information about the Font Manager:

The Color and Font Managers are both available in X and Pro. What Pro has that X does not are the following:

  • Header Builder
  • Footer Builder
  • Design Cloud

Please check this link for an intro video for the Header and Footer Builder

Unlike X, Pro does not have the import demo feature but to supplement that, Pro has the Design Cloud.

For the main blog page that you set in WP Admin > Settings > Reading > Your homepage displays > A Static Page > Post Page you may customize it using the options that you can find in Pro > Theme Options > Blog. Feel free to play with the settings until you get your desired main blog page layout.

As for the posts, if you use the default Wordpress editor, your customization option will be limited to the features that the Wordpress editor offers. To extend this, you may use the Pro Builder to create your posts.

By default, the Pro Builder (Cornerstone) is not enabled for Posts so you will have to put in the right permission from the Permissions Manager which you can find in Pro > Settings > Permissions.

If the button beside Posts is gray, click on it to enable it and it should turn green.

Save the Permission settings and when you go to Post > Add New you should have three editor options which are Text/HTML/Pro. Click on Pro then edit the post using Pro.

If you build the page using the Pro builder you will have the full control of the post content layout.

I am not certain which category are you referring to this. Is it the widgets that are on the right sidebar? If so, what you want should be how the categories with subcategories should be displayed just like this:

Since your widget is not displaying that way, please check the following.

1. Make sure that you have assigned the correct hierarchy of the categories in WP Admin > Post > Categories. Please check here to know how to assign parent and children categories.
2. If you have alreayd set the parent and child categories, go to WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets > Main Sidebar > Category Widget and enable the Show hierarchy option.

You may use the SuperFly menu that is one of the bundled plugins with Pro. You can install it in Pro > Validation.

Here is the documentation for the Superfly Menu:

I am not sure about this item as well but if you mean having different font sizes to the sidebar text, it is possible but it will require some custom CSS.

If you will install the Superfly Menu, once you click the menu button, the menu will slide from the side.

If you will use the Orginal Header in Pro > Theme Options > Header you may set the Navbar Position setting to Fixed Left or Fixed Right.

If you will use the Pro Builder, you may also assign the header to be on the left or right. And depending on the instructions that you need to do to put the adsense menu on the site, you may make use of the elements available in Pro Header Builder just like the Content Area element if you need to put a javascript code to make the adsense menu display.

If you mean that the header stays on top as you scroll through the page, this is also possible through the original header and Pro Header Builder.

For the original header, you will need to choose Fixed Top for the Navbar Position in the Theme Options setting.

If you will use Pro, edit the Bar settings then set the Sticky Bar options to on.

There are only two default blog layout options in Pro. you can find it in Pro > Theme Options > Blog > Style. Currently, you are using the Masonry style which lets you control how many columns to display but the height of each post will be displayed according to the space avaiable. If you use the Standard style, you can only have one column of blog posts.

If you really want your blog page to be displayed like the screenshot you posted, you might want to check out some bundled plugins in Pro like the Essential Grid and The Grid. These two plugins will provide you some more layout and display options and more customization.

Please check these links for reference:

You may set up either of the two then create a new page that will be your blog page and put in the shortcode to the page and that will be your main blog index page.

We have recently release an article in our KB about Gutenberg that you might want to check:

To simply put it, the header is the entire area that is on the top of the site and the menu is inside the header.

There is another bundled plugin that can do this which is the ConvertPlus plugin.

No worries. :slight_smile: Feel free to ask us if you have any question, we’re always happy to help!

Thank you for this suggestion. To get the latest news about ThemeCo, you may check the news section that you can find in the top right part of your APEX account.

Hope these help.

oh thank you you are sooo kind… i will use more plugin in Pro.
but i have several questions again… i think my english skill is not enough to tell my thinking.

  1. you said Pro can change layout of post… not only page, but post too? for example…

then… is it possible that “Changing layout in cornerstone -> Setting it default -> writing post in gutenberg” or if i make my own post layout, should i write in cornerstone to use it?
1.1 and can i delete that big picture by cornerstone… right?

2.i showed screenshot which pro is not fit with gutenberg. you may see no text there… i read that article but i still don’t believe it. can you show me one of example?

3.i can’t see Your homepage displays > A Static Page > Post Page this part. should i make a page to see it?
you can’t read korean.
i can see only number of writing in each page, number of syndication feed, full text or summary, block this site on search engine, heading / contect / thumnail and so on, and follow setting.… layout is little ambiguous word for me. for example… can i change category and sidebar part like this by cornerstone?

5.i think i can see green button. but i can’t see ‘Pro’ there. where is it? i can only see Elementor, gutenberg and classic editor.

i can’t see pro in gutenberg too… category is not looking like that. i think i did well. i want like this…
ㅡ sub 1
ㅡ sub 2
main 2
ㅡ sub 1

7.popup… my english was bad maybe… for example…
when i click link this site, there is a new tap. but when i click link in my blog, it just goes to link said font manager is for header, footer and pro builder.’ then… how to add fonts in post?

thank you~

Hi Taeheon,

  1. Sorry for the confusion, the post layout that you’ll get is based on the STACK that you choose from Theme Options > Stack.

These are the example of post layout for each STACK


Each of this STACKS has also unique features on it own under Theme Options > {Stack Name}

You can write your posts either on Gutenberg or Content Builder/Cornerstone, but we can only provide support for Content Builder/Cornerstone.

If you use Content Builder/Cornerstone you can have all these elements to construct your posts.

Please don’t be confuse by Content Builder/Cornerstone, in PRO we call it Content Builder, in X we call it Cornerstone, but they are just the same

1.1) Yes, you can delete that big picture, please edit that post and remove the Featured Image that is assigned to it.

  1. Like I said above you can use Gutenberg or Content Builder to write your posts (whichever you like), but you can not have the Content Builder elements in Gutenberg and other page builders.

To avoid confusion, I strongly advise that you deactivate all your other page builders plugins (Gutenberg, Elementor, WPbakery Visual Composer, etc.) this way you’ll learn Content Builder much faster. We will troubleshoot the “no text issue” later if that is really an issue. It could be just your Ads codes that is causing that issue.

  1. That seems to be the right page (Settings > Reading), maybe the A Static Page option is not showing up, because you do not have at least one published page. Please create Home page and published it then go back to (Settings > Reading) and see if the A Static Page shows up.

  2. Yes, Layout can be very confusing, let’s clarify it. On the screenshot you showed above the Layout is Content Left - Sidebar Right. The Content part which on the Left can be edited on the Content Builder. The sidebar part which is on the right can be managed under Appearance > Widgets > Main Sidebar

  1. Navigate to Pro > Settings under the General tab turn on the Posts (or whatever this called in Korean), Green means ON, Gray means OFF.

  1. Did you structure your Categories like this?

If not, please navigate to Posts > Categories and designate which of your Categories are parents, which are child, and which are grand child.

(On my screenshot above, see the Parent Category option on the left that is set to none, that is the option that you need to set a parent-child relationship between your categories)

Then after that, navigate back to Appearance > Widgets and turn on the Show hierarchy option of your category widget.

If you get that right, you’ll get what you want :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. That is unusual. The common is if you click the posts entry, it will open that post page in the same window, I’ll give you pass for that now, but please keep in mind that is a custom code and we can not provide further support for this.

Add this to Theme Options > JS

jQuery( document ).ready(function($) {
	$( ".blog .entry-title a" ).attr( "target", "_blank" );

With this your posts now should open in new tab.

  1. Use a Text element or Headline element, or any element that has a text format option on the Content Builder. Then inspect that element and look for its Font Family option, you’ll see the list of fonts you choose from the Font Manager in there.

This is one reason why you need to focus on Content Builder so you can utilize all these Pro features. These options are not available on Gutenberg and other page builders.

Don’t worry about your English, its fine :wink:


Hmm… I am not satisfied with your answer. My english is not good or you don’t understand my questions. but i think ‘you don’t understand me’ is right…

1.‘you’ll get is based on the stack’… It means… i can’t re-design my layout right? I can use change my design to only 4 stacks…
And if i change stack, my whole blog design will change right? Not only blog part like that picture. I don’t want it…
If i want to design it according to my style, how can i do it? said remove featured image. Nono…… i want to set featured image but i don’t want that big picture… because i don’t set featured image, it may not be seen in korean search engine… I want to set featured image but i don’t want that big picture. How to it? said “you can not have the Content Builder elements in Gutenberg and other page builders.” and i showed my pic that gutenberg is not fit with content builder.
Then how can you say “We’ve done testing and made a few adjustments for this upcoming cycle release to ensure full compatibility with Gutenberg.”?

4.hmm…layout of sidebar… my question was strange? i should have said “design”. Okay…
For example…

it is my blog now. How to change this design like that?

5.hmm…………. you don’t see my picture right? ‘페이지’ is page and ‘글’ is post. But i can’t see ‘pro’ there. Where is it? Already it is on green… but i can’t see it.

6.i mean um… how to add font in ‘editor’? you said it is one of reason that i should focus on content builder. it means… it is impossible to add font in ‘editor or gutenberg?’

7.I wrote code on js but it works only preview… hmm… there is no solution?ㅠ.ㅠ category is like that, of course. but i have still problem… i use ‘Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order’ plugin. but i think it is not problem. because my category become strange without it. how to do it?

Content builder looks nice to make post. I agree it. But writing post by content builder is kind of overdoing… and it is slow and grandiose… i think page builder is needless to write a post only. Just editor(or gutenberg later) is enough. i think that is why plugin like tinymce is still popular and many people become liking gutenberg nowadays. so i didn’t use content builder yet. I suggest that making content builder backend and frontend too, like Wpbakery. Then we can use simply or bigger.

um… but i try to use content builder to write post. If i feel satisfied about it, i will use content builder forever. I promise.
I write in evernote or iA writer first then paste it to gutenberg and trim it nowadays. i think using content builder can be quite a easy now… anyway i try to use it. but i want you listen my suggestion too. i believe you guys. i send many feedback to gutenberg team. but i think they never listen to me.

Hi @kingpin123

1- Yes, you are right. Check the demos of the four stacks we have right now that were shared by firech above (Integrity, Renew, Icon, Ethos) if you didn’t like any of them, then there is no other option to have another layout for single posts except designing one by yourself, which will require installing and activating a child theme:

And some HTML/CSS/PHP knowledge, check these tutorials:

2- If you want to reduce the featured image width by half, then you can add this CSS code to (Theme Options > CSS):

.entry-thumb img {
    min-width: 50%;
    width: 50%;
    margin: 0 auto;
    float: none;
    text-align: center;
    display: block;
.entry-thumb {
    background: #fff;

3- The “upcoming” cycle means in the next theme update, which isn’t released by now, unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA -estimated time of arrival- for this update.

4- This will require further theme development/customization which isn’t included in our support policy. However, some of the tutorials links I’ve shared in this reply might help.

5- If you enabled “Content Builder” for Posts in Pro, you can edit the post in Pro just as in this screenshot:

6- Where exactly you are expecting the font to appear in the editor? please share a screenshot showing that.

7- Please provide us with a link to any of your posts with this link issue so we can investigate it.

8- Please provide us with WordPress Dashboard login details in a “Secure Note” so we can investigate this issue.


hmm… i think i expect too many things in pro. little sadㅠ.ㅠ… this. that pink part has link.

2.i mean editor is gutenberg now. i can’t find anything about font there.

i will try to make secure note too…ㅠ.ㅠ

Hi Taeheon,

Sorry if you feel that way, but I think you still have a lot of things to learn with PRO and its Builders.

  1. So you’re not referring to the post title link on the blog index page, sorry about that. If you take a look on that now, you’ll see that my code works in there :slightly_smiling_face: but since that is not what you want, please remove my given code.

Update your link code instead, from this:

<h2><a href="">X Pro 테마</a> 후기 및 리뷰</h2>

to this:

<h2><a href="" target="_blank">X Pro 테마</a> 후기 및 리뷰</h2>

Notice the target="_blank" that I added, that is the property that will make your link open in new tab.

More information about HTML <a> target Attribute here.

  1. You won’t because we did not integrate our Font Manager in Gutenberg. This does not mean that PRO is not compatible with Gutenberg. PRO and X is compatible with Gutenberg.

You can use Gutenberg for creating your posts and you need to consult the documentation for its functionality (like changing font family, size and etc.).

Please follow this post, this should answer a lot of your question about Gutenberg.


hmm… that doesn’t work yet…

but i think i asked many things and i try to do more. thank you so much. many staffs care me.

i will ask later~

Hi Taeheon,

If you can add the target="_blank" property to your X Pro 테마 후기 및 리뷰 headline then that link should open in new tab/window.

Bye the way you can hide that big featured image on your posts, without removing it, by adding this to Theme Options > CSS

.single .entry-featured {
	display: none;

I see your site is under heavy caching, while caching helps your site improve its performance, it is not good to have cache active when you’re still developing the site, because you won’t see your changes immediately. Please clear and deactivate your caching while developing the site.

Make sure to clear the cache first before deactivating it.

How to Clear the Cache of WP Super Cache

Yes, please create a thread for each of your question/issue, that way we will lessen the confusion and mixing up of the topic.

We are happy to help you, we provide support to our customers 24/7/365.

Have a nice day,

thank youuu~
but… um… that code still doesn’t work;; i used cache of course. it is because of ‘block right click’ plugin?

Where did you added the CSS code? I dont see it on your Theme Options > CSS

Add the this CSS code in there, save. Then Clear your cache.

.single .entry-featured {
	display: none;

That should hide the big featured image on your posts.


i said about ‘new tap’ and it works now! thank you so muchhhh but i should write target="_blank" each time i set link… it is quite a tiresome… can i set including target="_black" as a default?

and featured image… i should think about it more… it looks good but i think it make my blog slow… right?
my google pagespeed rating is low. 50~70. i should check many things… i will ask about it later.

ah… and i forgot one thing. i wrote ‘secure note’ to make my category looking like that

but staff forgot it. can you check it please?


Yes, you need to add target="_blank" for each of the links that you want to open in a new tab. It’s not ideal to open all your links in a new tab (only those external links are ideal). Your viewer browser’s will be full of tab if you make all your links open in a new tab.

I check your images and their size are fine just, so it’s not your image is causing the site to slow. I check the site on and one of the main factors is your site request a lot of HTTP which is understandble because you’re running a lot of plugins. Your caching plugins should be able to handle this.

I check your category widget and it seems you have the right settings. That seems to be a real issue, can you do a plugin conflict test? You could try testing for a plugin conflict. You can do this by deactivating all third party plugins, and see if the problem remains. If it’s fixed, you’ll know a plugin caused the problem, and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time.

If a plugin conflict test did not resolve that issue, please create a separate thread regarding this issue.


i am using WP Super Cache. um… maybe… other cache plugin is good for me?

about catebory… i didn’t do plugin test. but my category was strange for a long time. i am using ’
Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order’ plugin. without it, array of my category become strange. um… it is because my category is written by korean? it sorts by letter order(korean ㄱ~ㅎ, it is similar to A -> Z in english.) automatically.

i think i will test it later. if i have a problem. i will ask about it again. thank youu


You can try W3 TOTAL CACHE and follow the tutorial we provided here.

Remember to CLEAR the WP Super Cache first, before you deactivate it.

Yes, please do a plugin conflict test (specially that Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order plugin), that might be the one causing the Category Widget issue.


um… Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order plugin is not problem. i already tested it many times.
i rather need it for my blog. i already said about it…

anyway thank youuu. i try to use W3 Total cache soon~~

Hi @kingpin123,

I recommend contacting the plugin author as we’re not familiar with how the plugin works. And it’s a Wordpress widget that as no connection with the theme. And we can’t tell what’s working and what’s not since the order is already modified by that plugin.


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