Several issues / Terrible trouble

I am having nothing but issues with the X theme ever since I purchased it. I find the activation, license and transfer process all far too difficult and cumbersome. I am requesting a member of staff helps me with this as in nearly 4 years I have never got the answers I required.

  1. Firstly I have never been able to get my cornerstone license to work, why not?
  2. I’ve never been able to get my X theme extensions validated, why not?
  3. I have now attempted to move my license and convert it to PRO from X. This also failed.

What the hell is going on? Can a member of staff please help me?

I have unlocked my license but have no idea what to do with it now. It’s utterly infuriating!


Hello @testbox,

Thanks for writing in and I am sorry for the trouble you are facing.

  1. I see that you have X Theme and Pro Theme licence. Please note that even though Cornerstone comes with X Theme, in order to use Cornerstone as a standalone page builder in conjunction with a different theme you will have to purchase a separate Cornerstone licence. You can’t use X Theme Licence to validate Cornerstone setup, it won’t work. To purchase Cornerstone, please click here
  2. Once you validate X Theme, you will be able to install Extensions. Please note that X Theme bundled extensions don’t require you to validate the those plugin. You just need to validate X Theme, install extensions and use the plugins.
  3. Can you please let me know the issue you are facing?

I am sharing few resources, please take a look and try again.

  1. Product validation:
  2. X to Pro conversion:

Let us know how it goes.


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