Second header


regarding I would like to incorporate a claim below the Swedesail logo (being a foto) and the navbar (“Swede 55, Beratung, Swede 55 Zubehör, etc. This claim “The world of beautiful boats” is supposed to be text in German and English, linked to the language selector.

I understand there is the possibility to choose a second header in the Theme customizer: Theme X/Widgets/ Header 2 right?

Would you be so kind to give me some hints how to proceed and arrange the required adjustments?

This would enable an IT-Monkey like me to advance beyond his limits.

Thx in advance

Hi @Erdmann2014,

Thanks for reaching out.
Not sure what you are trying to achieve here. The Header 2 is a Widget area where you can widget and can be shown at the Header. But you can’t customize the header if that is required, as that is exclusively available with the Pro not in X which you are using. To customize the Header using the Header Builder, I would suggest you upgrade to the Pro theme, please go through the process here:
And also go through the following article on Header Builder.


Thank you for your remarks.

Hi @Erdmann2014,

Glad that we are able to help you.