Screen width display options not working

Please see screenshots. In 1 of my pages (with the image of the woman by the sea), I can hide the section based on screen width. On the other page the controls don’t give me that option.

In addition, on the page without the image of the woman by the sea, that section (the one with the piggy bank icon) is hidden by default when I look on mobile (and there is nothing to indicate that it should be hidden on mobile). When I inspect I see the following class and I have no idea where it is coming from, and I can’t overrule it because of the !important aspect:
@media (max-width: 480px) {
.x-hide-xs {
display: none !important;

Please advise why this is happening

Hi Will,

Thanks for writing in! Upon checking, I see that you’re using older version of X theme (6.0.4) and Cornerstone plugin (3.0.4). The latest versions are X theme (v6.2.5) and Cornerstone (v3.2.5) as you can see here ( Please update those and also update any outdated plugins you have by following our guide here ( We also have a detailed guide with latest X compatible version numbers (

With regard to your other issue, please refer to our guide on hide during breakpoints (

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply.

So I have installed the update to the theme and it appears to be working fairly well, but there are still some issues that I am not sure about.

When in the editor, I cannot see one of the icons. I have checked, and tried to reload it, but it still just appears as a box instead of a pen (see screenshot 1).

Also, I have duplicated a section to then hide 1 of the duplicated sections for desktop, and hide the other for mobile (see screenshot 2). If you look at the screenshot you will see that the breakpoints indicate that it should be hidden at this size. However, from the screenshot you can see that it is still visible.

Please advise

Hello @virtualinternships,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Though you have updated X Theme but I can see that you are using old version of Cornerstone 3.0.4 on the website and may cause compatibility issues. Please update Cornerstone to the latest version 3.2.5.


Thanks for the reply.

I am trying to see the steps how to update cornerstone, based on the documentation I’ve found online, but it still doesn’t appear to be obvious.

Can you provide a step by step guideline of how to update cornerstone please?

Many thanks

Hello There,

You are using X 6.2.5 and Cornerstone 3.0.4 which is incompatible. To update it, simply go to Dashboard > Updates and you will be able to find out which theme or plugins needs to be updated. Just make sure that you have validated X theme so that you are allowed to update both X theme and Cornerstone.

If you hasn’t validated X theme yet, ​to validate X properly, please do the following:
1] Please login to your account and assign the license ( You need to assign the license to your site using this url: You have to make sure that url you just assign is the same as the one you have in your settings, Settings > General > Site Address
2] Go back to X > Validation again, and insert the license code.

And please review the changes that we made on how you are going to validated your X theme because we made a big change in the process. Please check it out here:

And for more details on how to update a theme or plugin, you can check this out:

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