Repost v2: Breadcrumbs pulling different language category name

Hi, this is the second time posting this and is still not resolved. Last support agent linked to an issue that is unrelated/doesn’t revolve this.

Hey @lifehouseglobal,

Thanks for reaching out!

Upon checking the other thread, the page in your secure note is not accessible anymore. That being said, we cannot check the issue properly. If you could provide a credentials and URL where we can check the issue that would be great.

Hi there, apologies I had created a new staging site - I just included the login details in a secure note above. thank you

Hey @lifehouseglobal,

The given credentials are not working, please double check and update them so that we can investigate your issue.

Thank you.

Apologies. Login credentials will work now. Let me know if there is anything else you need,

Hey @lifehouseglobal,

I believe this is a bug so I’m going to post this in our issue tracker to be investigated further by our development team. Please stay tuned for updates.

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