Removing Featured Banner slider on Blog index / Button Styling

i’m not sure how/where to Removing Featured Banner slider on Blog index page? and where do you style these buttons if I kept? I set the global button style and this didnt’ sure here or when i add a button to a page. I wanted them as outlined boxes like the 2nd image but i have to restyle each time

remove this

have banner buttons AND buttons in page default to be like this one… I set in global options but i have to redo each time.

Hi @designbabe,

Thanks for reaching out.

It’s a post slider from Ethos stack, you can configure or toggle it off in Theme Options > Ethos. Please check this (post slider) for more information. It’s a bit old but still same options in Theme Options instead of Customizer.

As for the post slider button, it has its own styling to match the Ethos post slider layout and it’s meant to be like that. It only appears like that since you only changed the background color and border radius through custom CSS. And it’s not a button, it’s just a layer within the link as “read more”. Are you referring to the home page’s button instead?


Thanks I was referring to the button on the post slider but ok I get it, its not really a button element…but then also the button element in the pages when i add a new one. I set it button global theme options to be an outlined box like this but i have redo settings in each element.

So i guess 2 things…when i choose button element to add in to the page it doesn’t have my global styling so I have to restyle each time in the element and then also on the post page i can add button without using a shortcode and that works but it will also be centered. I know 2 different things but I’m mostly confused on why my global setting isn’t working. Does it only work on the new button element? or classic?

Hi again,

The settings for buttons in Theme Options will be applied to Classic Button element. For v2 Button element you can save the styling as Preset and then you can apply it on all of your buttons (see screenshots) so you won’t need to re-style the buttons every time.

Hope this helps!

oh great so helpful! thanks

You’re welcome.

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