Remove negative top padding for short descriptions on product pages and shop in Pro

I am trying to display an audio track sample in the short description field with individual product pages and the Woocommerce Shop. The audio track is placed in the short description field as a media object audio file mp3. The style padding has a negative value that is causing the media file mini player in the short description field to be hidden. The mini player will display if the track is added as a playlist instead of the media file but this is not the desired format. Is there a way to remove or reduce for the shop and individual product pages?

Hello Matt,

Thanks for posting in! To better assist you with your issue, please send us the URL of the page first where we can find the screenshot above so that we can inspect it and be able to provide our recommendation which may resolve your issue.


Thanks. Please check one of the following. I am including both the auto propagated shop page and manual product table. I believe that the mini player and audio file are rendering but is not visible.

Hello Matt,

I have inspected the page and I found out that you are using the same mp3 file in two of your products. In most browsers, the media element script, will only load one file and this is what is happening in your site. can you please try having to use different mp3 file for the second product? It would also help if we can check your product page or at least the code of the mp3 file or how you added it into the product page. You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
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Thanks Ruenel. I have supplied that information. I have created a test second unique product but the issue is the same and the mini player does not display in the short description field even when only one product line is used (same issue when only 1 product and single item line were used.

Hey Matt,

It looks like your WooCommerce Product Table plugin is also hooking into the WordPress MEJS library which is responsible for displaying audio/video files. I could say this because the generated output of the audio element in the Shop page vs the Single Product page is very different.

In the single product page, the audio element displays fine.


You will need to contact the author of that plugin to tell you what audio plugin plays well with the WC product table plugin. We cannot provide support in this issue as this is a 3rd party plugin conflict.

Thank you for understanding.

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