Remove BuddyPress Template in X Pro Theme

Hi there,

I would like to know if there is a way to remove Buddypress Template under /themes/pro/framework/legacy/templates/buddypress


Hello Annie,

Thanks for writing in! We have designed the theme that will work with BuddyPress and bbPress which is why the theme contains custom template files for the said plugins. Removing those files may lead to an issue that is way more complicated to resolve. We do not recommend that you remove those files.

Best Regards.


I really need to remove it since there is a compatible issue with other plugins that I wanted to use. Please let me know if there is a code snippet or a filter to to disable the BuddyPress functions within X theme not the plugin


It has been a few days… Please let me know


Hey Annie,

We do not have a code snippet nor filter to disable all BuddyPress functions but what you could do is override the X/Pro BuddyPress filters in \wp-content\themes\pro\framework\legacy\functions\plugins\buddypress.php.

Note that you need to know how to override the codes yourself otherwise, you need to hire a developer to code for you. We do not provide support for 3rd party integrations or changes.

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If you need help with 3rd party plugin custom code integration, you might want to check out our Elite plan.

Thank you for understanding.