Problem with validating my purcahse


please could you help me.

I have entered my Envato purchase code into the form field on my WP dashboard so as to validate my purchase of Xtheme but when I click on the cornerstone item in the left hand menu of my dashboard I am met with a message saying “You’re almost finished” but X is not validated…and a click here to validate button…You can see this in the screenshot I have uploaded to a hosting account

When I do click on the button I am simply met with the screen you can see here in this screenshot …that’s to say nothing seems to happen!

I’m not particularly happy about this…other people seem to have had similar problems…and I have had to upload these screenshots being that only 1 image can be attached by new users here at the forum.

Please note this is on an installation of wordpress I have on localhost.

Please can you advise.

Kind regards


Ensure that you`ve checked this topic:

I’m not very happy with this effort from you to support a paying customer!

Of course I have read the article that you have provided and done as it says but there still a problem!

Shall we start again.

I have X theme installed on localhost

When I click the Cornerstone icon on the left hand nav I get this

So when I click the “Click here to validate” button I get this

No form field asking me to input my purchase code…no confirmation screen saying my product is validated.


Hi There,

Sorry for the frustration here. First of all, I want to clarify whether you have assigned your site URL into the ThemeCo license page ( If so, most probably you’re using an older version X theme or Cornerstone, so that our validation process will not initiate. Please check the version numbers (X & Cornerstone) and make sure that you have installed the latest versions. You can check the latest version numbers from here (

Then you need to make sure that PHP cURL extension library is enabled on your server with OpenSSL support. Also make sure that your firewall is not blocking requests to site URL.

Let us know how it goes.

Thank you …I wish I had a reply like this in the first place.

I have assigned the URL to your license page.

I sorry but could you please advise me on how go about installing the latest version of X theme…is there a whole new theme I would download and install or an update patch I should download from somewhere…keeping in mind I bought the theme back in March 2017

Thank you

Hi there,

Your current theme’s version is old which isn’t supported by our current validation system, there were big changes in the 5.0 version. I’d recommend to manually install the theme again from the package you can download from ThemeForest. Please check this

But to be safe, you may backup your site first, or clone your site to staging and do the installation there.