PRO license validation disappeared

I have just purchased a pro license. Initially, it was behind a firewall and i accessed it via a VPN and internal IP address. when I went to register i put in the external IP address and PRO registered properly. i do not know what happened, but when i went back later to check on the licenses to potentially register a staging site, i noticed the site address in the license section had changed to the internal IP address. I didnt change it, it just seemed to translate the internal address, which is what i accessed the site with.

Unfortunately, it also seems to de-register my PRO license inside the theme. When i went back and tried to use the code on te same site again, it gave me the message that the license has already been used. But it was used on the site i was in. My IT guy put in an SSL certificate, and now when i access the site i can use a fully qualified name to access. When i went back to the theme and went into PRO and tried to register the product AFTER i updated the site address in the licenses area of my account, i received the same previously registered message.

The problem is, i cannot revoke it to reinstall since the revoke option doesn’t exist on the site i initially registered after it disappeared.

How do i register the product? This is the second time this has happened and i bought a new license for this because it was for a different client, but it’s getting crazy that I now have two licenses that cant be used.

How can i revoke and reissue a license when the revocation option doesn’t exist?

Hi Steve,

Thank you for writing in, first please make sure you assign the correct URL (production and/or staging) to the corresponding license on your Licenses page. Then navigate to your site and validate it.

Setup - Product Validation

If you cant still validate your site, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Still have issues. Sent info via secure note.

Hello Steve,

The given credentials do not work for us. And you have forgotten to insert the WP login url as well.

Meanwhile, please do the following:

  • Go to Pro > Validation and find the “Revoke Validation” link.

  • Once you have revoke the validation, log in to your APEX account ( Make sure that your license code is assigned to the url which you have set in Settings > General > Site URL. It must be the same.

  • Go back to Pro > Validation and validate your theme again.

Hope this helps.

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