Pro Headers Can't Be Edited

I’ve had zero problems with the new header builder, save for one site. I load a header template and see it on preview. When I edit it, the elements don’t load and I can’t edit the header.

Here is a screen shot of what it does to the hero template.

Any ideas?

Hi There,

We’re sorry you’re having this issue. We need to check where the issue is coming from. Please provide your site URL and admin credentials using a Secure Note then we will investigate.

Added a secure note. Thank you for taking a look.


It’s the Autoptimize that is causing the issue. I tried deactivating it and the header builder is fixed.

You can try w3 total cache instead.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Paul. I tried disabling several plugins, but for some reason I didn’t test Autoptimize. I appreciate the help.

Glad that we could be of a help.

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