PRO Header Dropdown flickering on scroll - Any News?


Is there any News about the following Topic?

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Hey Daniele,

Thanks for reaching out!

As our developer mentioned in the other thread, this will be fixed in Pro 6.5. Currently, our current Pro version is 6.4.22. You can always check our updates here from time to time.

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Dear @marc_a

Thank You for your support

We just installed version 6.5.1 of PRO.
However, the problem does not yet seem fixed.

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There is a new toggle in the dropdown element called “Inline” which will solve this problem. Let us know if this helps and have a great day.


Thank You for your support

Unfortunately, enabling the “Inline” toggle in the dropdown element, changes the width size of the dropdown element and this changes all the formatting.


With “Inline” toggle enabled the the dropdown element seems to ignore the size information.

Please could you help me?

Thank You

We’ll have to take a deeper look at certain instances of the inline and try see what we can do about certain width settings like that. There have been a couple of other users with similar styling issues. Have a great day.