Pro Header disappeared

Hi guys
I think this may be a server issue but I was wondering if you can check it out for me.

And I’ve checked the Cpanel file directory and they are there

Hi Phil,

Kindly get in touch with your web hosting regarding this.

Here’s a link that might provide further info:

Hope this helps.

Hi Jade
We have checked the permissions we can see the file requests in Chrome and Safari have a .map extension. Neither of your files have .map. Chrome says you are looking for Source Maps?

We are at a loss here, as in the source for the page we cant see any requests for .map

When we call the source pages without the .map extension they come up straight away. I understand the source maps are used for minifying the script. Are we missing something?

Hi Phil,

To clarify the browser error/warning that you shared is depending on a MAP file. The MAP files are used to help developers identify SCSS/SASS code related to the generated CSS code. It is a purely a development-related thing and has no effect on the website.

The reason why the header is not showing up on your site is that you set the Bars to be hidden on most of the breakpoints (except extra-small screen).


Hi Friech
Yes I did because the headers are set up as
GS desktop - hide only on XS set to global
GS mobile ex home - hide on XL L M S show XS on all pages except home
GS mobile home - hide on XL L M S show XS on home only
Have I set these up correctly?

Hello Phi,

Thanks for clarifying.

However, you can only assign one header per page so you can’t really create three headers and have all of them added on a page.

As for your homepage, the header set to it is the mobile header where the bars are hidden on desktop that is why nothing is showing up.

You will have to create all the header area in one header. You can add them per bar and hide them accordingly.

Hope this explains it.

Hi Jade
Thanks for that I will do as you suggest build one header for the home page with different bars. I see where I created the confusion. Can you explain the application of Global to a header. You say this is the default. What is the protocol for its application.

Hi Phil,

Yes, that is correct, a Global Header is applied site-wide (act as default) unless you set a specific header for a specific page. For example on the front page (homepage), you have a specific header assigned to it, then the Global Header will not apply to that frontpage (homepage) anymore.

More details here.

Hope that shed some lights,