Pro API Loopers / Access ACF data

It would be nice if we had access to ACF data in API loopers.

Just a small example. When using Open Exchange Rates. The end point is

Where the app id is essentially the API key. In scenarios like this I will often create a key as an ACF options field. In this instance it would be awesome if the dynamic content on the end point had access to the ACF fields.

I think you already can, although my usage of the options pages is pretty shallow. I did notice the actual fields don’t show up in the dynamic content selector, so I needed the actual field name. We can get that fixed though. Have a great day.

{{dc:acf:option_field field=“option_field”}}

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Yes, this is all set up and working. Just, as you stated, you don’t have access to them in the dynamic content select which makes working with them a pain.