Pro 6.4.4 bug - dynamic content in Custom Attributes not parsing

I am trying to add some dynamic content to a Custom Attribute on an element, and in the Cornerstone editor, this is working as expected, however when viewing the live site, the Dynamic Content is not parsed and comes through in the HTML:


This is how it is set up in Cornerstone:

And how it renders within the Cornerstone preview window:

The title of the post in this instance is “Landscape logo - black”, which is being correctly rendered in the Cornerstone preview, but not the live site.

I have downloaded 6.4.6 and this bug is still present.

I wasn’t able to recreate this one. What does that post title look like when you view it in Cornerstone?


I meant to have a look at this again more quickly, but I have had a chance to investigate further now, and I am still having this problem.

Site info:
Wordpress 6.4.2
Pro 6.4.8
No child theme
All plugins temporarily disabled

I’ll add access details in a secure note for you to look at the setup as well and maybe shed more light on the problem.

On the Homepage, I have added two buttons in the first content banner (the “Modular, scalable, easier to deploy” section)

The first button is a custom Component button that I have built, and then enabled Customisation for, to add the Custom Attribute. This one has a simple Custom Attrible title set to {{dc:post:title}}.


This is parsed correctly in the preview window, but not in the front-end.

The second button is just a default button element, with the Custom Attribute added exactly as with the component. This one is parsed correctly both in the preview window and in the front-end.

Seems that something to do with the Component is causing the Dynamic Content to not render correctly.

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Further experimenting has uncovered some strange behaviour.

I went in to edit the Component, to review its setup and look for anything strange. In doing so, I tried adding the Custom Attribute to the Component directly, with the same Dynamic Content. This time, on the front end, both bits of custom attribute were parsed correctly and rendering, ending up with two attributes, one named test that I added in the Component editor, and one named title that I added on the Homepage, both correctly showing the Post Title.

When I then changed the Component Custom Attribute to plain text, the Custom Attribute added to the Component instance still parsed correctly, showing the right Post Title.

It was only when I removed all Custom Attributes from the Component in the Component Editor that it went back to not working correctly.

Hope this helps get to the bottom of the bug.


Thanks for the info. You are right it is an issue. Will need to go over the fix a couple of more times though. Have a great day.

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Great, thanks for looking into it.

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