Pro 6.4.2 - Tab elements - Toggle Hash

Another Tab issues.

I need to have a specific tab as the default however if I person comes from a specific location then a different tab needs to be open.

My presumption was to use a toggle hash.

I’ve created a toggle hash on the tab that should be open when visiting from a this location.

I’ve added a button to the page with the URL.

When I come from the other page, once soon as the page loads the URL changes to the below and the hash value is removed however the tab doesn’t open as expect.

Just as a note I have also tried this without the URL parameters.



I think I see what you mean. Where the hash won’t work on load for anything other than the first one. We’ll get a fix for this. Have a great day.

Just wondering when we can expect this fix.

January 2nd or 3rd

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@charlie this was fixed but seems to have stopped working again.

I would try clearing a cache, or sending me a link. It shouldn’t be overwriting the hash on load now.

Not sure what was going on. Looks like my toggle hash some how disappeared… (maybe I deleted it somehow) it was working after you originally fixed it but then after the update to .9 it stopped.