Pro 6.4.2 - Strange behaviour adding tab elements

I use Firefox.

Issues with editing tab labels
(although I’ve noticed this elsewhere.)
Whenever I work with the tab element I find changing the label of the tab unreliable.

Creating a new tab element we get two tabs - Tab 1 and Tab 2.

Whenever I try to change the name it doesn’t seem to take effect.

i.e. clicking to edit the label opens the editor however when I type it doesn’t seem to remember or allow the text to take effect. I often need to come back and retype whatever I typed. There seems to be a long delay where I need to wait otherwise if I close the editing window it doesn’t update the text. Sometimes it doesn’t update anything, other times it only partially updates the text.


Issues working in tabs containing a Grid

I have a tab element. in my second tab element I’ve added a div which has a custom looper provider. The looper provider returns an array. This all works as expected.

I’ve added a CSS grid which is the consumer. Inside the grid I’ve added a headline element which contains the dc:loop key.

This is where things go weird. I can’t right click on an element to copy it etc. If I select the heading and duplicate it and then drag it to the next grid cell then I end up with the builder become pretty much unresponsive and I have the below cube which replaces my cursor. I cannot get the cube away without refreshing my browser, even switching back and forth between page tabs doesn’t remove it.

The first issue with labels not updating is something I had a chance to look at today. We’ll get it working for similar element titles like accordions as well.

I wasn’t able to recreate the second part, but I might need a video or a template.

Have a great weekend.

What do you recommend for videos.

I think the issue relates to the amount of content on the page.

The page is essentially a custom user insights page for LearnDash / WooCommerce etc. using custom loopers.

The page is a front-end page used by staff to review details about a student.

Tab 1 - shows all student details including name, address, current courses, status of courses, orders and status of subscriptions etc. in loopers.

Tab 2 - is a document management tab we staff can review documents students have loaded for validation. Staff can not only view the list but they can also approve documents etc.

Tab 3 - is an SMS log for the specific student

Tab 4 - is an log of all emails sent to the student.

I’ve noticed the issues started once we started adding more details to the page and specifically adding the document management which also has an accordion in the tab.

The page is working fine in the front-end but the page has pretty much become unresponsive in the builder.

I can’t right click any think, I can’t copy or paste anything, the only time tab names update is if I edit the HTML in the editor. Using Rich Text or even Raw doesn’t do anything. Trying to copy and then move a headline causings the weird icon and I then need to refresh the page.

If it’s a lot of videos you probably need to create a modal with “Dynamic Rendering” on so each video isn’t loaded on startup. You can send me a link if able and I can make a proper determination on what’s going on.

Does closing all theme options ‘group-modules’ help speed up the builder at all for you? Are these embeds or videos on the WordPress install?

Happy holidays!

Sorry think some confusion. You asked me about showing you a video of what was going on. Just asking what you recommend to make a video so I can show you.

Little bit of setup with OBS, but it’s a useful software to learn. Your OS probably has screen-recorder on it too if you search in applications. Have a great weekend.

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Seems I already have OBS installed :slight_smile: Will figure it out. May have been installed with my video card…