Pro 6.2.X - Preserve Inspector Group (or perhaps it is called something else.)

Prior to Pro 6 this feature used to work as expected. It is also a super useful feature that has fallen away since Pro 6.

I brought this up during the beta’s several times and since. Each time it has been said that it will be added back but the issue persists.

In Pro 5 and earlier. If we were editing a column and editing the padding, if we switched to another column the builder would remember we were on the padding and the inspector would be scrolled to the padding section of the settings.

Since the early beta’s of Pro 6 this feature disappeared. If I’m editing a bunch of columns and want to edit the padding, every time I select a different column the inspector scrolls to the top and I need to scroll back down to the padding.

While we can copy element styling this is often not feasible as the element may have certain settings different to the element we may want to copy.

In these instances it is super useful to be able to select multiple versions of the same element type and be able to adjust the specific setting without having to scroll back down to the specific setting in the inspector.

Any chance we can get this feature back?


I ran into some snag with this when it was last worked on, but I’ll make sure we look at it again. If I had to guess I’d say I was 40% of the way there. I’ll revisit during the 6.3.0 beta or prior to it.


Just wanted to circle back to this. It used to work perfectly but I see it is still not in the new beta.


At this point in beta it will probably be a point release feature, apologies. I will do another pass through of where I was at next week. Feel free to circle back on anything with me at any time.

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@charlie I just wanted to circle back to this. This was super helpful and disappeared at some point. I see it is also not working in the current beta.

I had a chance to take a look today. You will see it in some point release in the near future. Have a great day!

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Sorry to harp on about this. Will this be some time in 6.4?

It’s coming back soon, we’re just going to get through some of the icon and 6.4 bugs for now

@charlie sorry about this one.

Not sure if I am going crazy but this has been working for a while now. Looks like in Pro 6.4.12 it has stopped working again.

I have cleared all relevant caches including the “clear cache” option under the Pro / Cornerstone settings.

I think it’s working fine. Double check the preference is turned on as that’s thrown me off before.

Thanks, sorry about that. Think I was having a senior moment working on 6 different projects and the one I was having issues with was a new build and exactly that :slight_smile:

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