Pro 4.0.8 totally unusable

Hi, Thanks for your help.

On further investigation today, I have noticed that when editing (especially text) in the content builder, the physical memory usage on my hosting site can rise to 70-100% of 1GB at which point I have now realised that my IP address is being temporarily blocked.

I can switch networks (different IP address) and access the site again.

Text is updated as you type so it must be constantly sending requests to the server which is causing the anomaly.

I don’t pretend to understand how all this works but I need to ascertain where the problem is.
Is it the PRO theme or configuration of my web hosting.


Hi Kiran,

It might be the issue with your hosting where the multiple concurrent requests are exhausting the memory. I would suggest you report the same to your Hosting service provider, and let us know what did they say about this.



Thanks for all your help on this issue.

It seems to be fixed for now. I was correct in identifying the concurrent requests were causing high CPU usage and the server temporarily blocked my IP address.

The hosting co checked their Apache server and it was showing that my IP was being blocked.

So far as I can understand they have placed my IP on a whitelist. I’m not sure what that means but at the moment I have been able to edit pages without any problems, also using different network (different IP addresses).

Fingers crossed, I hope this is the end of my problems.
Thank you

You are most welcome.
If you need anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to open another thread.

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