Prev Next button to shuffle trough post withing specific category

Any advice how to create prev next button to shuffle between prev next post withing specific category?

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Since you have the Pro theme, you go to Layout Builder and create your single post layout. In your layout, you can insert the Post Navigation element. The Post Navigation element is linked in between posts, the next and previous post items disregarding the category of the post items. At the moment, the element does not have any setting that will only load the next/previous post item of the same category. We have added this as a feature request so it can be taken into consideration for future development.

This element does not cycle to the next/previous post within the same category though. By the way, modifying the element is way beyond the scope of our support already. Perhaps this old thread can help instead:

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If I use service one, will I get a solution to implement?

Please add my vote to this feature request.

Hey @pavlito,

Yes, custom development is needed to accomplish what you have in mind, so the ONE service should be able to help you.

Your feedback has been noted and the vote is added.


I have subscribed to ONE, can I get help with this topic?

Hi Pavilto,

Yes, and your questions has been already answered in One.


Hi @tristup I don’t see answer ?

Hi Pavilto,

I have seen a few Queries in the One by you, and that is what I am referring to. If you haven’t posted it yet, please post it you will get the answer.


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