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The following page has a few paragraphs of text at the top. The rest of the page contains a sequence of images stacked vertically. I would like for the text at the top to have margins that push it inward from the right/left edges of the window but would like to keep the images below formatted as a full-width post

How can I specify that the text at the top of the page should be bound by margins while editing the post in the standard editor (not cornerstone)? Also it would be great to do this in such a way that the margins ONLY effect the text at the top (if I add text below mixed in with the images I would like for this secondary text to function as full-width ie. no margins

Thanks so much!

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Hi there,

I’m not sure if I am following the request correctly. You want to have a text and keep its margins but have other texts between images without margins?

If that is a case I suggest that you avoid adding the page using the normal WordPress editor. Kindly use the Cornerstone. Cornerstone has the Text Element which you can use to set margins as you like for each case.

For the images, you can use the Image element. For more information:

For more information I suggest that you check our knowledge base index:

Thank you.

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