Post-list wont display older posts

When using POST - LIST older posts by publish date won’t populate.
Is there a place to adjust time limit cut off?
Would like at least 365 days, or all posts for current year.


Hello Brian,

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To display the older posts order by date in the Post List Element you need to select the Looper Type is “Query Builder” —>Posts as Post

Select the date from here.
Front-Page-Content-Pro (2)

Hope it helps

currently it shows 66 day old post but not 67.
In response to your suggestion, I don’t have Looper Provider in my menu.

Is this only available in pro version?
x is phenomenal by the way.

OK I figured it out.
On my version, I just used conditions shown as last field in on left in picture on my 1st response.
However I noticed when I hover over the POSTS field it shows LOOPER PROVIDER and
when I hover over the POST field it shows LOOPER CONSUMER.
I used the PUBLISH DATE condition on the POSTS level and
I used the POST (HAS TERM) condition on the POST level
This accomplished what I need.

I could not duplicate the screens you showed in my version, but was able to find the LOOPER PROVIDER by hovering over the breadcrumbs across the top of the screen. I can’t get a easy screenshot of the pop up when hovering over the correct level but this is where I found it.
The 2 Posts level is the provider and the 4 Post level is the consumer.

Thanks for the response.

Hello Brian,

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