Post date in post vc post grid


I’ve got a news page that contains only wpbakery post grid element, and I would be keen to have a posted on date added here (yellow bar):

How can I achieve it?

Hi @PawelK,

It is not very clear what exactly you want, can you please elaborate a bit more. I would also request you share your website URL or page URL where this can be seen to understand. We may require WordPress admin credentials to investigate it further, please provide login credentials for your site in a secure note, including:

– WordPress Site URL & Login URL
– WordPress Admin username/password

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thanks for your response. I added two links - one showing a website I built using different theme and wpbakery - news grid contains: image + title + DATE + read more. The page I built using X does not have the DATE, it only has image + title + read more.

Hey @PawelK,

Would you mind sharing your admin credentials so that we can check your setup? To do that, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

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Thank you.

Added :slight_smile:

Hey @PawelK,

I’ve checked the news page that was built using the WP Bakery and I found out that the date is already added to the layout.

If you want to change the date format, you may go to Settings > General and then locate the Date format section. In that area, you can select the date format you wanted.

On the other hand, we’ve created a new News page that was built using Cornerstone ( I was referring to a News page set as a draft ). As you can see Cornerstone builder is better than Visual Composer because you can customize the layout properly. You need to add a text element inside the article div and then use this dynamic content {{dc:post:publish_date}} to display the date.


Hope that helps.