Possible Pro 6.4.11 issue

Not sure if the issue relates to Pro 6.4.11 but I have picked up an issue after updating.

The site was built in 2019 by a staff member and I haven’t needed to edit much since it was built. We’ve had a few issues and I needed to fix some stuff in the headers.

On going to the headers / footers it seems that, while the pages are working, the assignments have vanished from Cornerstone. Most of the headers / footers have no assignments and the ones that do have assignments seem to have partial assignments (or conditions that are empty).

I’ve provided access just in case you want to look.

I haven’t seen this come up, but I think this site is using what’s called “LegacyAssignments”. From what I can tell there was never a conversion that added it to the new control system, it just made sure the assignments still worked. Were you or anybody around remember how the upgrade from Pro 3 to 4 handled this? Did the assignment controls from Pro3 to 4 ever show up? Do you happen to have a copy of an older version of the site either Pro4 or 5? Do you see your assignments in that version? I’ll post additional info on the assignments for you. I can try to do a better conversion that also fixes the controls. I think I need to grab a copy of your site if that’s all right.

@charlie I’ll take a look. I should have backups on a monthly basis since we built the site on Digital Ocean Spaces. I may have deleted older ones but will double check.

The site syncs to the clients accounting software so we just need to be careful. Let me see if I can find an older version as I’m sure I can just open the various pages, select the headers and footers, and reassign them.

The issue I was having was I didn’t notice this previously and the guy I used to employ didn’t clean things up so there are a lot of unused headers and footers.

Busy building a new site for the client so its not critical but if it will help you I can try find an older version.

If it’s a bother you don’t need to worry about it. I have enough info to at least understand what you would need to get the assignments to show up again. Someone on the team who was around might have more info next week. Have a great weekend

Not a bother. I can send you as many versions as you need. I have backups of this site going 2 years back. I have backups from Pro 4.3 onward.

Just let me know how I can give them to you in a secure manner.