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Is there able to create a string or query to bring up the most popular posts via the looper?


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You can use the Looper Provider Query String and run a query string that orders the post items by comment counts.

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I’m still learning all the things, but I know in other builders like Elementor, I’m able to put in a popular posts element into the website that is based off of views. Since other builders have this option, I feel like it is possible with Pro. Is it based off of a different string or is it more so custom code that needs to be inserted?

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Hi Marc,

There is no exact parameter for the Popular post is available, but it can be decided upon the comment count for the posts. I would suggest you use the Query Builder and set the Order By option to Comment Count and check if that helps.



Update: I mentioned to create a custom feature where I am now able to track views for each post, but I’m having trouble getting Pro to bring in that data in order to populate a grid dynamically. Is there a Query that I can add to make this happen?

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If that is the case, you will have to use the Looper Provider Query String:

You will have to query post items with the custom field views and order it by a descending order to display the greater number of views.

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it does, but I’m still new to query strings so I’m confused on how to write out the string. Any chance you can help me with that?

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You can check this thread as an example of how to write the query string.

Hope that helps.

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