Page missing sections and displaying incorrectly when viewing out of cornerstone

We have been having an intermittent issue of pages getting jumbled once we try to edit them. It looks OK while in the Cornerstone Editor, but once we preview the page or try to view it live, it goes haywire. We’ve had this issue on multiple pages and there doesn’t seem to be a clear culprit or reason why it only happens at random times.

Do you have any suggestions on this? I tried reading similar topics but I wasn’t able to find a solution that applied to our situation.

How the site looks:

How it is supposed to look (copy of page before we started editing):


Hi @ErgoArchitecture,

It might be an issue with the logo image attached, I went ahead and delete and re-attached the logo, which fix the issue. I would suggest you check once by clearing the cache or in Incognito or Private mode of browser.
Please find the screenshot in the secure note.


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