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I have WooCommerce, which created and assigned 3 pages - Shop, Cart & Checkout
As I would like to customise my shop pages trough cornerstone and use woocommerce shortcodes, I have created 3 new pages - Online Store, My Cart & Store Checkout.

I have assigned my shop page in WooCommerce settings to Online Store and added Online Store to my top menu.

When I click Online Store on my website, the URL is /online-store and the breadcrumbs show online store however the content on the page is from my shop/products archive page which I just can’t get rid of!!

Please please please tell me how I can fix this.
I know that if I don’t select anything on my shop page in settings then my custom page will be displayed HOWEVER I need to have a shop page selected to eliminate other issues I’m having with shipping etc, so I need a page to be selected.

Thanks in advance - I’m becoming increasingly frustrated!!!

Further to my last post - I was trying to set up everything before starting my custom pages and remembered I can’t edit the selected shop page in cornerstone.

Please advise how I can assign a shop page to a custom page in woocommerce settings…
OR, the implications if I don’t select a shop page at all.

Thanks again

Hello Suzy,

Thanks for writing in!

When you select Shop page in WooCommerce, it becomes the index page for the shop. If you would like to display the custom page then you will have to remove the selection from WooCommerce.

Please note that once you select the Shop page in WooCommerce, WooCommerce templates take’s over and over there Cornerstone editor won’t work.


Thanks Prasant

My apologies for taking so long to respond;
I have worked out my original issue. I have not selected a shop page through WooCommerce because I don’t need it for calculated shipping (which was my main concern) and I can then customise my shop page.

My next issue is regarding Breadcrumbs. I have breadcrumbs working perfectly across my whole site except for the shop. I’m assuming this is because I don’t have a shop page selected in woocommerce. The URLs are correct throughout my shop, but they miss the “online store” link in between so for example my product breadcrumbs looks like:

Home icon > > Product

There seems to be something between but where can I edit that link?

Thanks so much!

Hi Suzy,

Yes, you will have to set the Shop page of your site in Woocommerce > Settings > Products > Shop page.

That way, the site will have a shop base which will show in the breadcrumbs.

Hope this helps.

Hi Jade

Thanks for your response but no that doesn’t help at all I’m sorry.
I mentioned in my post that’s how do to it, but not what I’m after…

I can’t set my customised shop page to woocommerce>settings>products as it is a customised page through cornerstone and not a [poorly designed] woocommerce page.

I need a workaround for the breadcrumbs to appear properly without setting the woocommerce products page to my shop page.

Thanks again

Hello Suzy,

Please keep in mind that as soon as you assign any page as your shop page, you cannot edit it with Cornerstone. WooCommerce runs its own template which is why it is no longer possible to edit the content in Cornerstone. This thread explain why you cannot edit the shop page thoroughly:

Even if you use the default WP theme or a theme from WooCommerce it self, once you assign a shop page, it cannot be edited and it will be used in the breadcrumb. Regretfully what you have in mind may not be possible. I would recommend checking this thread and use the custom code so that you can redirect the shop page to your other custom shop page. Please check out this thread:

Please note that custom coding is outside the scope of our support. Issues that might arise from the use of custom code and further enhancements should be directed to a third party developer.

Best Regards.

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