Not Really Sure Where To Put This -- Pro 6.4.13 can't import exported tco files

Exactly as it says. I can save templates to the library and export them but the templates can’t be imported. Test on multiple sites.

Massive issue as I go away for a month tomorrow need to move a few designs across to a live site.

Anyway hopefully it can get resolved soon.

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Can you send me a link to the TCO file? If the export failed, if you open the TCO file with a text editor it will sometimes display the error.

It’s literally on all my .13 sites I’ve tested. Will give you access to two sites.

Just for some context. On Pro 6.4.12 the .tco files were all ranging between 2kb and 8kb.

With Pro 6.4.13 the .tco files are massive. I have a header file with two menus and a logo that is 3mb. Sections from the page are as big as 20mb.

Ok, I see what it is doing now. The import is not importing the template I created but rather exporting and importing the entire site.

I had a dev site that was blank except for Pro 6.4.12. I upgrade the site to Pro 6.4.13.

I then saved a section header from another site. I downloaded this header template and imported it into the new site.

The end result was that the entire site was imported into the site. The empty site now has everything that was in the site I created the export from. Except it doesn’t show any thing in the library.

In the site I was working on yesterday I now have double of everything …


Yes the normal template export is being interpreted as the export documents endpoint. Apologies we’ll get that fixed on the monday release.

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Same problem here, imported a template but it’s not showing in the Cornerstone template section. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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The fix is out today. Let us know if you have any issue downloading templates.

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Thanks. Been away.

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