No negative margin top allowed in Chrome after cornerstone and theme X update


After the latest theme and cornerstone updates we got a problem with a gap over the menu. Please see and advise a solution.

It happens only in google Chrome

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Hello @kcreative,

I checked your site in Google Chrome version 121.0.6167.139 and it seems that it is working fine on my end. I also noticed that you have added the white logo to the white background. I would suggest you please purge all the cache and recheck it.

Hope it helps

You suggest that it loads with this white header problem on Mozilla and Edge also? All cache is purged. This is how it loads on other browsers (on my end) except Chrome since the last theme update.

Please double check and advise a solution. It is not supposed to be a white logo over white background.

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Hello @kcreative,

I checked your site it seems that you have tried to add the margin-top to the section to get the background image under the header bar. I would suggest you please add this custom CSS code to global CSS and remove the margin-top negative value from the sections.

header.masthead.masthead-inline .x-navbar {
    position: absolute;
    width: 100%;
    top: 0;

The purpose of providing custom CSS is to show you how to add CSS code to your site. Writing custom CSS is outside the scope of our theme support. If you need more customization, you need to learn CSS and learn how to use the browser’s element inspector.In case you have no idea about coding you can subscribe to One where customization questions are answered.

Hope it helps.

Thank you for your prompt replay.

It seams that this way the header image part is way smaller then before and looks off on some pages like this one:

Please advise why the negative margin is not working anymore and how we can fix this so it looks as it was before the update?

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Hello @kcreative,

Please note that you have set the header position as relative just because the margin negative is not working I would suggest you set the position as absolute so that you don’t need to add the margin.

Hope it helps

Please advise why the problem with the negative margin appeared after theme update!

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Hey @kcreative,

Can you please share your WP details so we can investigate the issue further? You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
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– WP login URL
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– Confirmation that we can access and make changes to your site

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Please find attached the requested information!

We are having the same issue on our site:, on all but the homepage. We tried fixes found in forum (css from below and deleting the plugin WP Code Lite with no luck).

Hello @comstarsupport,

Please create your thread in our Support Forum and include your WP details so our staff can check your site as well. This would also avoid any mixed-up with the resolution to the issue of the original owner.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hey @kcreative,

Please understand that negative margins will only work between two elements next to each other. It will not work outside of its parent containers. Please remove the negative top margin of your Section element and then apply the suggested CSS code by @Prakash_s. That is the best way possible to accomplish the design you have in mind. We do have documentation for that one. You can check it here:

The document talks about the MastHead slider. It can also be applied to a Section Banner like what you have in your pages.

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Thank you for the info, will look into it.

You are most welcome @kcreative

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