New Woocommerce Shop Gallery Thumbnails Suddenly Smaller Than Previously Created Thumbnails


After years of no problems with the shop gallery, suddenly new products I add are coming into the shop gallery smaller than all the others.

If I start a new product by duplicating an existing product that already appears correctly, the issue does not persist. But when I start a new product without duplicating a previous one, the gallery thumbnail on the SHOP page comes in smaller despite all images being equally sized at 600 x 450.

When I use the inspect tool, it appears it is changing the intrinsic ratio to 3:4 and the rendered size from 350 x 350 to 350 x 262. I went into Appearance>Customize>Woocommerce>Product images to change the intrinsic ratio to 1:1, but it was already set as such. I also never changed this setting to begin with. Can you help me troubleshoot why this would suddenly start happening and how I can resolve the issue?

I will send the website address in a private thread. Also note, this is not isolated to this website as it’s happening on my other account that uses woo in a very similar way, again with problems that are not only recent but also don’t apply across the board to all products, only new ones.

The second screenshot shows that I went to Appearances>Customize>Woocommerce>Product images and made sure the ratio was 1:1, which I never changed in the first place, but I did verify it was set properly.

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Hey @ppe29,

Thanks for reaching out!

In order for us to check if it is a theme issue, we need to check the backend settings properly but it seems that the credentials are not working properly. That being said, please update the credentials with the correct information.


Strange. It worked for me. Maybe you missed that parenthesis? No matter. I created a new password and put it in the secure note I first created

Hi @ppe29,

Unfortunately, the new credentials do not work too. I have tried the older one, but the result was the same. I would suggest you check it once again and re-share it.


Bizarre. I created a new account for the x theme staff. Try that one with the password i put in the secure note above

Hey @ppe29,

WooCommerce images use the full size version now. That is not the case in my site so with that said, I suspect something is causing this outside of our theme. To be sure, please disable all 3rd party plugins before we investigate again. I tried deactivating Jetpack but I realized it’s a live site so I could not edit the image nor add a test product to see if that changes anything.

If you can’t disable your plugins since it’s a live site, please copy your site to a staging server then give us the staging Login URL.


it’ll take me a day or 2 to set that up. Just busy here at work. Please don’t close this thread. I’ll return soon. Thanks guys

Hello @ppe29,

Please let us know when it is ready.


I am still trying to get around to this but it’s proving difficult to fit this into my schedule. Is there no other way for you to analyze this issue? I also noticed that the icon next to “read more” is acting up, too. You’ll see if when you hover over any product at this page:

Hello @ppe29,

Please do the following:

1.) Go to Settings > General and disable “Endurance Cache” or set it to “OFF”.

2.) In your Plugins section, install “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugins. Run the plugin to regenerate all your image thumbnails to display the correct image settings including the cropped 300x300 product catalog thumbnail sizes.

Best Regards.

Tried this but the issue persists. There’s still something over-riding the rendered and intrinsic ratios from 1:1.


Hello @ppe29,

The old images are still displaying because you have enabled the Site Accelerator feature in Jetpack plugin.

I went ahead and turn OFF the feature. Your should now be seeing the new cropped images.

Best Regards.

That definitely made a change, so we’re heading in the right direction. Thank you for that. But now the top 4 images (newest posts) that were being incorrectly resized to 350 x 262 are still 350 x 262 and all the ones after those 4 that were correctly sized at 350 x 350 are now also being incorrectly resized at 300 x 300. You can see in the screenshot how the older posts no longer match the width of the product title banners.

The goal is to reset all images back to their original size of 350 x 350, but I don’t see an option in that plugin that lets you custom set the size you want. What am I missing about getting it back to the way it was at 350 x 350?

Hello @ppe29,

Please make sure to set your Image dimensions to 350. You can do that in Appearance > Customize > WoCommerce and in Settings > Media as well. After that, you run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin again. It may take a while if you have several images.

Clear all your plugin caches and browser cache and then test the shop page again.

OK I did all of those things but the issue still occurs


I did this all and it didn’t have any effect. Still showing gallery thumbnails at sizes that aren’t square unless I load them in as square.

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Been having the same issue since Woo 6.8 rolling back to 6.7.0 fixes it.
New products added are not using the cropped Thumbnail even though the file is there.
Oddly updating back to 6.8.2 keeps using the correct thumbnail

I have tested on another install with only pro and Woocommerce active and have the same issue.

Swapping the theme to Twenty Twenty-Two shows the correct thumbnail.
Swapping back to pro does not keep the correct thumbnail.

Our product images are 1200 x 600 cropped to 450 x 450

Thanks for your input, @Neil_Randle. I’ll try to replicate the issue in as many environments as I can.

@ppe29, while we’re investigating, the best course of action for you to take right now are to

  1. take note of your orders
  2. contact your web host to revert your site to a previous working state

We currently don’t have a solution.

Thank you for understanding.

I have been testing this as much as I can in between workloads and have also determined that the issue is isolated to X theme, as the issue does not persist in other themes.

I’ve also noticed that sizing the original photo to square (like 600 x 600) shows the gallery thumbnail as a square as it should. However, not all pictures on my website look best as squares. This is not the ideal solution, but I thought I’d share that with anyone else following this thread.

Thanks for the info @Neil_Randle. I will try rolling back Woo to see if that helps while we wait for the awesome Themeco guys to try to fix the issue. Thanks so much @christian

You are most welcome, @ppe29. It is good to know that @Christian and @Neil_Randle was able to help you out.