Need a refund please


I bought PRO X this week and I don’t succeed to use it… It’s too complicated for me with my very bad English…! (I’m French).
Is it possible to have a refund please ? I bought it on the official website, not on Envato.

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Hello Marie,

Thanks for writing in!

Sorry to hear that you are facing issues while using Pro Theme. Can you please let us know the problems you are facing while Pro Theme? We will try our level best to guide you in right direction to get most out of Pro. We have extensive documentation and videos that one can take a look to get started.


Hello !

Thanks for your answer.
I tried to read the documentation but my english is very bad, and I have a lot of difficulties to understand… I was thinking I succeed it, but no… It’s a langage problem, no less, no more. :frowning: I need tools in French.

Do you know if Is it possible to have a refund please ?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Marie,

Yes, we have a refund, but please hear us first because even if you change theme it will still be in English unless you translated it.

In my time as a Support I saw a lot of X and PRO site that is in French, I appeal that you continue using PRO and translate it to French, Here’s a translation guide, if you are not comfortable doing the translation you can hire a developer from a Freelance Services Marketplace site.

Also, make sure your Site Language is set to French, that is under Settings > General.


Hi !

Sorry but I don’t understand… I would like to make my website with autonomy, not with a freelance service.
Your translation guide is… in English. I find a lot of difficulties to understand. Always same problem, I’m sorry.

I have made a mistake when I choose PRO. Even if it’s a good tool, I can’t use it. I lost a lot of time to try understand.

Thanks in advance for your comprehension.


Bonjour Marie,

Désolé pour vos difficultés avec notre thème. J’ai annulé votre licence et traité un remboursement. Cela peut prendre de 3 à 5 jours pour accéder à votre compte.

Merci d’avoir essayé Pro. Passez une bonne journée!

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