Navbar font not responding to change

Hello, I’m trying to change the Navbar font, but it doesn’t matter what I pick, I only get either serif or san-serif. So I tried to change the font to a totally ridiculous font, but the Navbar won’t change. Please help?

Screenshot here:


Hello Van,

Thank you for the details. I have checked your site and it seems that all the resources of your site url is coming from a different url or your staging url.

Make sure that your WP dashboard url, the site URL and WordPress URL in Settings > General is the same.

Please see the secure note.

Sorry, I can’t see the content of the secure note… It opened up blank.

Also, I don’t understand how the dashboard URL and site URL have anything to do with the font?

They are the same at the moment… I’m not sure I understand…

Hey Van,

Sorry for the confusion. I selected the Over The Rainbow Google font in my test site and I see that it doesn’t change in the preview. But, it works in the front-end. It’s the Display and Handwriting Google fonts that are not displaying in the Preview but works in the Front-end.

I’ll post this in our issue tracker so it will be queued for checking by our development team and a possible fix might be included in one of the succeeding releases.

Your alternative for now is to enable the Font Manager in Theme Options > Typography and setup the Over the Rainbow font using the Font Manager and then use the font you’ve setup in the font family options in the Theme Options. For more usage instructions, please see

Hope that helps.

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