My Live Webpage Different Then One Shown In Cornerstone

I am getting an error on a page that I am trying to edit. Here is a shot of the live website page:

Here is a shot of the cornerstone editing page:

As you can see the pages are not the same. The page that cornerstone is adding is an old version. I have completely removed the w3 caching program and cleared the cache from my WP site and from my browser but no luck… Any thoughts?



Did you clear cache before or after you removed the plugin?

Please note that if you deactivated your cache plugin without clearing the cache first then the cache is still there.

Try to remove the files created by w3 total cache from your web server. Plesae check the link below for your guide

If this doesn’t help, kindly provide us your wordpress admin login in Secure Note


I thought before I had deleted W3 I had cleared all caches… Obviously not… Reinstalled and then followed the directions above and everything is working out now. Also just so everyone knows, there are caching programs that will work with Cornerstone, just not W3. I have switched to SG Optimize and it seems to be working great. Thanks again for the help.

Hi @livninctry

Glad you were able to find an alternative solution.

W3 Total Cache plugin should be compatible with X/Pro/Cornerstone environment. However, you need to make sure that you have properly configured it. You can also refer to our knowledge base article here ( on how to increase performance.


Unfortunately, I could never get W3 to work with cornerstone and found myself having to disable the plugin every time I wanted to edit my content with cornerstone. Oh well everything is working now, now to develop more content. Thanks for the help.

You’re most welcome!

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