My license issues

i have a license i purchase back in 2015 i try to activate my wordpress site it doesnt validate i just want to know how long a license last?

Hi @bobocamer,

Thanks for reaching out.

The license is permanent and should be no expiration. The validation only enables automatic updates and not effect on license expiration.

May I know the site’s URL is it supposed to validate? I also checked your license information and there is no assigned URL, that’s probably the reason it won’t validate. Please check this under Managing License section.


i follow the step listed there but it doesnt activate

Hi @bobocamer,

In that case, please provide the site’s URL and admin login credentials in the secure note. I’ll try the validation too :slight_smile:


Hi @bobocamer,

Thank you for the credentials but it did not work, please check.

Would you mind navigating back to your Licenses page and set your main domain to the Production field, and try to validate the site again.


infortunately still wasnt able to validate i switch to the pro theme and validate and nothing happen

Hi @bobocamer,

Thank you for the credentials, the validation process did not work because the connection was refused by your server. The console generated this error:

Please contact your hosting provider and ask them to unblock requests to server.
You can use the sample email we provided here.

Let us know how it goes,

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